What is pure and sincere intention?

SHAFAQNA – When Imam Sadeq (AS) was six years old, one night he accompanied his father Imam Baqer (AS) to Masjid-ul-Haram. At the time of returning home, Imam Sadeq (AS) asked his father’s permission to stay in the Mosque until morning. Next morning when Imam Baqer (AS) returned to Masjid-ul-Haram, he noticed from his son’s eyes that Imam Sadeq (AS) was awake and has been performing Salaats all night. Imam Baqer (AS) said: My dear, why you put so much pressure on yourself; sometimes Allah (SWT) grants big rewards to small deeds; meaning, big reward is granted to a small deed with pure and sincere intention. Therefore, try to purify your heart and intention. Pure and sincere intention means, worship and obey Allah (SWT) without expecting any reward (in return) [1].

[1] Mesbahul Hoda, Page 212-213.

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