What is the consequence of steadfastness in religion?

SHAFAQNA – Asbaq ibn Nabateh one of the closest companions of Imam Ali (AS) narrated: I was reciting a Dua in Imam Ali’s house, Imam (AS) saw me and asked: What are you doing? I replied: I am reciting a Dua. Imam Ali (AS) said: Whenever you want to recite a Dua, say: Thank Allah (SWT) for all that have passed and thank God in any condition and circumstances.

Then Imam Ali (AS) placed his right hand on my left shoulder and said: O’ Asbaq, if you are steadfast in your religion and your Welayat is complete (you accept and believe the Imamate of the true leaders who were appointed by God, and you love them, and help the poor), then the Supreme Being will be kinder to you than yourself [1].

[1] Alamali, Sheikh Sadooq, Page 108.

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