What is the covenant between God and the human being?


SHAFAQNA – Basically, religion is nothing but accepting the covenant and being bound by it because the most important covenant that the human being accepts, is the one with God. In Ayahs 60 and 61 of Surah Ya-Sin the covenant between God and the human being is mentioned. In these Ayahs, the Divine Covenant with the human being is based on the worship of Allah (SWT) and avoidance of being the slave of the Satan.

Ayah 7 of Surah Al-Ma’edah also mentions about absolute obedience of God and the Divine Covenant by saying: “And remember the favour of Allah (SWT) on you, and the Divine Covenant which God ratified with you, when you said: We hear and we obey. And fear God, for Allah (SWT) knows well the secrets of your hearts.”


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