What is the purpose of mourning ceremonies in Muharram?


Crying for Imam Hussain is a very good thing, tears are very good, but the benefits of tears are 10%; the other 90% are included in understanding, reasoning, enlightening speeches, Quranic verses, narrations, Islamic history, analysis of Ashura uprising and hundreds of other scientific issues. If you see a society is independent due to blessings of Imam Hussain (AS), it is the result of knowledgeable understanding. It is said: The sleep of a knowledgeable person is better than the worship of ill-informed person, one can be deceived very easily but the other can never be moved [1].

The Prophet of Islam (PBUH) said: There is no use to sit in a meeting for an hour without learning anything. All our deeds must be for the sake of nearness to God, and the best spiritual ways of nearness to God, are justice and wisdom. If someone sits in a place and learns nothing, he/she will move to the same extent away from God. God means absolute justice, God means absolute insight, God means absolute knowledge, and God means absolute wisdom. When the human being moves away from justice and wisdom, he/she will move away from knowledge and insight, and naturally will fall as mentioned in Ayah 31 of Surah Al-Hajj [2].

[1] Alkafi, Vol.1, page 455.

[2] Parts of speech by Ayatollah Javadi Amoli, Amol, 01/03/2005.

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