What is the purpose of the Quranic teaching?

SHAFAQNA – The purpose of the Quranic teaching is for human being to believe in the unseen (Qayb) and pay absolute attention to God. Any thing that we can see or things which we are not able to see or realise their presence, have been created by Allah (SWT) who cannot be seen by human being as explained in Ayahs 57 to 76 of Surah Al-Waqe’ah. That is why it is said to the believers in the holy Quran that their hope must only be with Allah (SWT) as mentioned in Ayahs 2 and 3 of Surah Talaaq: “Allah (SWT) will grant a way out for anyone who obeys God. And will provide in a manner that no one can anticipate. Allah (SWT) will suffice for anyone who is reliant on the Supreme Being. God will accomplish the Devine Purpose. Everything has been granted in due proportion by Allah (SWT).”

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