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What is the ultimate aim of Mab’ath?

SHAFAQNA – The problem for all of us is that we have not been purified, we have not been trained; (some) have become scholars, (but) not trained, their thoughts are deep but they have not been trained. And the danger of the scholar who has not been trained and is not purified (Tazkiyeh) is more than Mughals for the human being. The ultimate aim of Mab’ath is purification, the ultimate purpose of prophets coming is purification and then education. If a soul is not purified and enters any stage (philosophy, politics, religious jurisprudence, theology, etc.) without being trained; means that person is not relieved from the inner Satan, and is a big danger to humanity [1].

[1] Sahifaye Imam, Vol. 14, Page 391.

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