What special privileges granted to Imam Hussain (AS) by Allah (SWT)?

SHAFAQNA – Mohammad ibn Moslem narrated that: I heard from Imam Baqer (AS) and Imam Sadeq (AS) who said: Allah (SWT) granted 3 special privileges to Imam Hussain (AS) for his martyrdom.
1. Allah (SWT) assigned Imamate for his progenies and all infallible Imams after him are his children.
2. Allah (SWT) placed cure in the soil of his grave.
3. The prayer near his grave will be accepted by Allah (SWT) and the days pilgrims spend to travel and come back from visiting his shrine will be added to their life time [1].

[1] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 44, Page 221.

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