What were the most important points of Luqman’s advice to his son?


SHAFAQNA – Luqman told his son: O’ my son, I have learned 400,000 points in life and from those I have chosen 800 and from them I have selected 8 points which I think are more important than others, and they are as follows. Never forget two things; God and death. Always forget two things; Others kindness towards yourself and bad deeds of others towards yourself. And be careful about four points more than before; Control your stomach when you sit on a food table, control your tongue when you enter a meeting (gathering), control your eyes when you enter a house, and control your heart when you perform Salaat [1].

[1] Moezaye khoobaan, Seyyed Ali Reza Dayyani & Hussain Torabi, Page 167.


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