When can Iblis dominate the human being?


SHAFAQNA – Prophet Moses (AS) was sitting in a meeting, suddenly Iblis came to him wearing a muli-coloured hat and greeted him. Moses (AS) asked: Who are you? Iblis replied: I am Iblis. Moses (AS) said: May God kill you, why have you come here? Iblis replied: I have come to greet you. Moses (AS) asked: What do you do with this multi-coloured hat? Iblis replied: I contaminate and deviate the hearts of people. Moses (AS) asked: What kind of deeds human beings must do for you to dominate them? Iblis replied: When the human being is selfish and considers his/her deeds as great and forgets his/her own sins, I will dominate him/her [1].

[1] Daastaane Raastaan, Vol. 2, page 38.


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