Where to View the Art Inspiration Behind the New Movie, ‘Big Eyes’

SHAFAQNA –  The release of Tim Burton’s Big Eyes may have been overshadowed by the controversy surrounding another Christmas Day release, but that hasn’t stopped the film’s subject, Margaret Keane, from enjoying her rekindled fame.

Big Eyes follows the drama behind Keane’s famous big eyes portraits, which her husband, Walter Keane, passed off as his own until they eventually divorced and she took him to court.

With the film’s release, Keane, now 87, is enjoying a resurgence in her career. Not only has she been out promoting Big Eyes in the media, but she has also seen a major increase in the sales of her work—both new and old.

The Keane Eyes Gallery is also expecting an influx of visitors as the movie hits theaters. Located at 3040 Larkin St in San Francisco, the gallery houses the world’s largest collection of Margaret Keane art. You can tour the gallery daily, by appointment only. To make a reservation, call the gallery at (415) 922-9309, but we’re guessing with Keane’s new found popularity, they’ll probably have quite a long wait list.

Source : http://www.jaunted.com/story/2014/12/26/12543/102/travel/Where+to+View+the+Art+Inspiration+Behind+the+New+Movie,+’Big+Eyes’

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