Who are the followers of Imam Ali today? Editorial

SHAFAQNA – Since war has engulfed the Greater Middle East pitting Wahhabist legions against other religious communities, the world has learnt to hate all those it was told belong to Islam, understanding little that it was in fact a war against Islam it was playing into.

Today, ever so slowly the mask is coming off from behind the cracks of a propaganda which can no longer sustain itself. Truth, it was once more asserted needs no platform to shine forth … while lies have a way of cannibalizing themselves – eaten by the very deceit which sustains them.

Still misconceptions are rife and hatred abundant.

Still, many are the voices of slander and unfettered violence …. still, but hopefully not forever.

Amid this whirlwind of sectarian bias and unfounded prejudices stands Shia Islam, an island onto itself as millions have learnt to mock its school of thought, its traditions and its philosophy.

Only last week, a political commentator legitimized Saudi Arabia’s brutal military intervention in Yemen by alleging that if not for Riyadh’s decision this nation of Southern Arabia would have fallen prey to the grip of Shia Islam. Speaking from Beirut (Lebanon) Jihad Mouracadeh, a political analyst, argued that the Houthis – the very faction which rose a grand Resistance movement against al-Saud imperialism – were inherently dangerous on account of their faith.

Unhinged by the hateful nature of his comments, Mr Mouracadeh failed to recognize that his intolerance stands in fact a stain upon his own declaration of faith – whatever it maybe.

What is Shia Islam?

Shia Islam is in fact Islam … no more, no less … always and forever it will speak the Word which was given onto Adam and willed to God’s long line of prophets and guardians. Like Adam willed the Word to Sheith, and Sheith willed the Word to Shabban …. and until the Prophet Muhammad, such line was never broken. And then God spoke to Prophet Muhammad so the Word once more could be passed on to its appointed Guardian: Imam Ali.

The First Imam of Islam, Imam Ali was everything which Islam teaches: he was Truth and Valour, Compassion and Fortitude,Love and Gratitude, Devotion and Fairness … in him, the Word lived … in him Islam was passed on so that its light could remain a guidance.

A Prophet of the Lord, Muhammad was the best of all of them: Purity among all purities, the perfection of God’s will. To stand with him God rose a man whose stature would eclipse all others. As the Prophet Muhammad would march, Imam Ali was forever his shadow, echoing his prayers and his footsteps, forever the loyal companion and the pupil, forever his master’s devoted son.

If Islam is Muhammad, Ali is its guardian ….

Shia Islam was born in Ghadeer where the Prophet Muhammad called onto his followers to pledge their allegiance to his appointed Custodian: Imam Ali. And so were born the Shia of Ali, the followers of Ali – those made loyal among all loyals.

Shia Islam is neither a deviance, nor a defiance – Shia Islam is neither an invention nor an apostasy.

Shia Islam is loyalty to the Word.

Shia Islam is remembrance of the Word … the enactment of God’s Covenant.

Shia Islam does not stand in negation of Islam; it is Islam! Shia Islam does not reject Sunni Islam, it is Sunni Islam! Only those who wish to destroy the Word see schism in Islam’s unity; only those who misinterpret God’s holy command seek division among people.

Islam is the Word given onto Adam, Noah, Ibrahim, Issa, and Muhammad … Islam is unity in the multitude.

Shia Islam will always follow where its Imam leads … such is a people’s love for the prophets.



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