Who buried the martyrs of Karbala? (Part Four)

SHAFAQNA – Next, Imam Sajjad (AS) went towards the body of his uncle, Hazrat Abbas ibn Ali (AS) and saw him in the same way which made the angels of the sky frightened and houris of the paradise crying. Imam (AS) threw himself on the body and kissed the cut veins and said: O’ the moon of Bani Hashem, greetings to you from me, O’ the divine martyr, the divine mercy and blessings be on you.

Imam Sajjad (AS) then opened a grave and buried Hazrat Abbas (AS) on his own, the same way he did for his father and told Bani Assad: There are others with me who would help me. Imam (AS) allowed Bani Assad to cooperate in burying other martyrs. Imam Sajjad (AS) allocated 2 places and ordered 2 graves to be prepared; in the first Bani Hashem and in the other the companions were buried. But the body of Horr ibn Riahy was taken by his tribe to a place where he is buried now. It is narrated that: Horr’s mother was present and decided to bury him in his current burial place [5].

[5] Maqtalul Hussain by Moqarram, Page 569.

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