Why going to the Mosque and pray in it is so important? The Grand Ayatollah Safi’s answers

SHAFAQNA – The Grand Ayatollah Safi explained the importance of going to the Mosques and performing prayers in the God’s holy places.

The Grand Ayatollah Safi: The following explanations will reveal why it is important to go to the Mosque and pray in there.

It is recommended (Mostahab) to go to the Mosques a lot.

It is recommended to go to a Mosque which no one goes there for prayers.

If the neighbour of a Mosque who has no excuse, prays in places other than that Mosque, it is Makruh (disliked).

It is not recommended to eat with the person who does not go to the Mosque, or consult him, or become his neighbour, or to facilitate his marriage with a member of your family or marry a member of his family.


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