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Why I converted from Sunni to Shia Islam

SHAFAQNA – Shafaqna has opened a special section dedicated to Shia converts and the experiences they went through on their journey to truth.

Our ambition is to open an honest conversation within the community so that we could better ourselves, and open our eyes to whatever issues there may be – if any at all.

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About about a year ago, I decided to study shia islam out of curiosity.

I just learned quite a bit last few months, and I just have a lot of stuff in my mind that make me kind of distrust sunni version of Islamic practice.

when I started learning about:

1. karbala- this is never talked about during Friday prayers? why? too controversial?
2. how the messenger used to combine prayers even in time of ease-sunnis do not follow this authentic sunnah
3. how taraweeh prayer is a bidaah. and every Friday prayer the imam says the famous line “every bidaah leads to fire..” so why do you people do it?
4. how there was a war between Aisha and Ali- we shy away from talking about controversial events in Islamic history
5. how shias make ablution is in line with the quranic instructions then what sunnis do. I mean I don’t believe that a religion that was conveyed to desert dwellers would waste so much water
6. I find it odd that every prominent male descendant (shia imams) of the holy family is killed off. If this doesn’t scream conspiracy to you, then I don’t know what will..
7. I believe Ali was the rightful ruler of the Islamic world following the death of the messenger and this is supported in sunni sources of how he was elected by the messenger himself.

But I will choose to keep quiet rather than condemn the companions of the messenger. Only God knows and only God can judge…

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