Why Imamate is such a crucial issue in Islam?


SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from Imam Reza (AS) who said: I heard from my father and he narrated from his fathers and they narrated from the Prophet (PBUH) who said: I heard the arch angel Jabrail (AS) who said: I heard the Almighty who said: “There is no God but Allah (SWT)” is My fortress, whoever enters My fortress will be safe from My torment. Then Imam Reza (AS) said in a loud voice: But know and be aware that worshiping Allah (SWT) and safety from divine torment depend on a condition and I am that condition, believe in “Welayat” and “Imamate” is the condition for real worship of God [1].

[1] Oyoun Akhbar Reza Vol. 2, Page 135

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