Why it is easier for young people to purify their soul?

SHAFAQNA – Young people can purify their soul better, you are nearer to God than older ones. There are less corrupting roots in you and these grow less in you and this growth is not in a way to remain there everyday and grow more. Make sure you delay this everyday, it (the growth) will become more difficult. If an old person wants to reform himself is very difficult, for young will be faster, thousands of young do reform but one old cannot. Do not delay this to your old age, now that you are young start on your route to accomplishment.

Now start obeying the teachings of the prophets, this is the start, this is the way which must be taken. they (the prophets) have shown the way, we do not know the way, they (the prophets) know the way, they are the doctors and know the way, they know the healthy way, they have shown us the healthy way. If you want to stay healthy, you have to go on that way. you must gradually pay less attention to desires of the soul, of course this cannot be done quickly but gradually move yourself out [1].

[1] Tafseer Surah Hamd (Al-Fatiha), Imam Khomaini, 2nd Session, Page 111.

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