Why it is necessary to avoid some types of music?

SHAFAQNA – Abu Baseer who was a close companion of Imam Sadeq (AS) has narrated that he was with Imam Sadeq (AS) when a man came to Imam (AS) and asked: O’ the son of the Prophet (PBUH), I have a neighbour who hires music players and singers (to play in his house), sometimes when I go to my washroom which is situated behind the neighbour’e wall, I can hear the singer and I stay there for a while and enjoy listening to that sound, am I wrong  to do so?

Imam Sadeq (AS) replied: Do not do it. That man said: But I do not go to their party and do not invite them to my house, I only hear their sound. Imam (AS) replied: Have you not recited the holy verse of the Quran which says: Verily, ears, eyes and the hearts of all (the people) are responsible (on the Day of Reckoning) [1].

That man replied: O’ the son of the Prophet (PBUH), I have not heard about this holy verse so far, now I want to repent from my sin and I have decided not to repeat this sin. Imam (AS) replied: Go and perform ablution for the purpose of repenting and perform Salaat and after the Salaat, do repent and ask God to forgive you, and if you had died in that state it was not clear what kind of difficulties you would have faced [2].

[1] Ayah 36, Surah Al-Isra.

[2] Banaye bandegy Safaye Zendegy, Ayatollah Zia Abadi, Page 345.

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