Why Pakistan is so much divided: Shafaqna Exclusive


Pakistan society has been deeply divided into various groups and schools of thoughts. Why is so much division among thoughts and action? If we closely observe the Pakistan’s education system it is producing three types of school of thoughts, Those who are studying in religious Madrassahs, second are those studying in Government run schools namely middle and lower class and third one is those who acquire education in elite school system.

When all of these three types enter in practical life, they have three different thoughts, Students who complete their education in Madrassahs view the world with their own vision and want to impose their own ideology that is religious system, Middle Class degree holders don’t have their say usually their life runs on day and night work to earn both ends meet, thus they are always in between religious thoughts and secular mindset. The third class is those who acquire education in upper level schools and thus they have quite liberal and secular mindset and want to turn entire society according to their own learning


A tug o war between these three groups is constantly dividing society in different ways. Everyone wants to impose his own agenda. Until and unless there is an equal education in Pakistan, the divide cannot be undone.



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