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Why the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) cried for some women of his Ummah?

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from Imam Ali (AS) who said: Lady Fatimah Zahra (SA) and I went to see the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) in his house and saw him crying really hard. I said: May father and mother be sacrificed for you, what has happened that made you cry like this? The Prophet (PBUH) replied: The night that I was taken to Meraj (ascension), I saw some women from my Ummah who were in hard torment and in a really bad situation and I cried for their hard torments. Lady Fatimah Zahra (SA) said: O’ my beloved and the light of my eyes, inform us about their deeds. The Prophet (PBUH) explained: A woman who was hanging by her hair, did not cover her hair from non-Mahrams in the world. A woman was hanging by her tongue, and she used to bother her husband; and the other was eating her body flesh, as she used to decorate her body for others. And a woman whose body was being cut by scissors, as she used to display herself for non-Mahram men [1].

[1] Wasaelul Shia, Vol. 7, Page 156.

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