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Winners of Sudan’s Int’l Quran Competition Awarded

SHAFAQNA- Ahmad Hashim Ahmad, a member of the organizing committee, said that the ceremony was held in the capital city with Omar Hassan Al-Bashir, the president of Sudan, in attendance.

The program began with Quran recitation by Zakiyye Abubakr, Mozambican 8-year-old girl, who read the verses in Al-Susi style.

Abdullah Abu Shuraida, from Qatar and representatives of Sudan, Syria, Egypt and Algeria respectively won the first to the fifth ranks in the first category which was the memorization of the entire Quran with the interpretation of Quranic terms of the 24th Juz (part).

The three top winners were respectively awarded 40000, 30000, and 20000 dollars and the fourth and fifth winners were awarded 10000 dollars.

In the second category which was organized for female representatives of African countries, the participants from Sudan, Niger and Cameron won the first to the third ranks.

Representatives of non-Muslim states competed in the third category of the competition and those from Canada, the Philippines and Norway were the three top participants.

The international competition on the memorization recitation and interpretation of the Quran was held from January 6 to 12 in Khartoum, Sudan.

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