Wisdom and justice are inseparable

SHAFAQNA – The main aim of the uprising by Imam Hussain (AS) was seeking justice. Under justice the security as well as the economy and culture are insured. In addition, independence and freedom is also maintained. This type of justice is not merely religious decrees, secondary or individual rules. For establishing the order in society, Allah (SWT) has invited all to justice and the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) said: When Allah (SWT) ordered, it is my duty to carry out justice [1].

With this justice, people feel security, no one will oppress anyone else, and a person does not go astray, does not block other’s path, does not offend, does not accept oppression and does not oppress anyone else. In this way the security of the country and the society is maintained. If we have problems, is due to injustice, if anyone passes his/her limits is bothering others and this bother is not coordinated with the security. The uprising by Imam Hussain (AS) is for us to know and demand our rights as well as to recognise and pay others rights.

[1] Ayah 15, Surah Al-Shura

Translated from parts of speech by the Grand Ayatollah Javadi Amoli

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