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Witnesses speak of London Terror attack

SHAFAQNA – Witnesses to the attack on Westminster Bridge have told how one person was flipped over the edge and others were left with horrific head wounds.

A witness told Shafaqna: “I was just walking up to Parliament just about to walk in the steps when I heard gunshots and saw people run for cover.”

“I wasn’t looking when it happened but I saw the aftermath. (The driver) just went on the pavement and trampled a lot of people.

“There was a woman at the top of the steps, her head was just pulsing with blood and bleeding out and there was another woman who flipped over the side of the bridge. Someone landed in the river somewhere.

“From what I could tell I think they got that person because I saw cops on a ferry. She was not in a good state and there were a load of bodies on the road.”

The London Port Authority later confirmed a woman was pulled alive from the water.

“A female member of the public was retrieved from the river near Westminster Bridge with injuries and is receiving medical treatment,” a spokesman for the authority said.

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