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Woman arrested in Saudi Arabia after staging protest by attending football match

SHAFAQNA – A female in Saudi Arabia has been arrested after dressing a bloke to watch a match between Al-Shabab of Riyadh and beat Jeddah’s Al-Etihad, according to The Independent. The Kingdom of Saudi states that only men are allowed into local football stadiums. The Saudi newspaper Sabq said that the lady had bought her ticket online and covered herself with a baseball cap and hoodie to avoid detection.

The woman is spotted wearing a black and white scarf in the colours of Al-Shabab, but is likely to have been escorted from the premises before the end of the match which Al-Shabab lost 1-0. “It’s only happening in Saudi Arabia, as women are forbidden from being in stadium,” explained our reporter in the region. “The government punished the responsible for giving the girl a ticket to the match between Al-Shabab vs Al-Ettihad in the Saudi league.

“The girl was disguised in men’s wearing, and she shows her face in the stadium during the game as a message that women have the rights to go to stadiums just like men, which is illegal by Saudi law “The Saudi newspapers and media ignored to speak about what happens, so there is no reactions but Tweets from bodies outside KSA, but very carefully because it is also monitored by the government.

“Even driving a car is forbidden for women in Saudi Arabia.”

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