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Working Illegally in Foreign Countries and Lying to Obtain Asylum: Ayatullah Fayyad Answers


SHAFAQNA – The Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Ishaq Fayyad has answered two question about working illegally in foreign countries and lying to receive asylum. 

Question: I live in Australia. The government does not allow us to work and my kids work in illegal jobs. Is it Halal to work illegally?

Answer: Do not violate the [civil] law.


Question: I have been refugee in Norway for two years. In order for my asylum application to be accepted, I have lied, as it is usual for asylum seekers. Is eating and money making and living in this country, which have been made possible based on the same lie I have said, Haram for me? The issue is that I am economically in bad shape, as well as my family which lives in my home country. What is my assignment now? Shall I leave this country or stay? If according to the ruling of Islam I’m obligated to leave Norway, I will accept it, although it will cause me many problems.

Answer: Lying absent urgency is religiously forbidden and you must repent not to repeat it again. But your current state of life is not Haram.



Translation: SHAFAQNA

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