Working in his Farm


SHAFAQNA- Imam Hadi (A.S) was free of every material tendency. He was free from any kind of selfishness and he did not submit to any pleasure or fancy. Historians say that he worked in his farm to secure the living of his family. Ali bin Hamza said, “Once, I saw Abul Hassan the third (Imam Hadi (A.S)) work in a farm while his feet were soaked with sweat. I said to him, ‘May I die for you! Where are the men?’
He said, ‘O Ali, one, who was better than me and my father, worked with a spade in his farm.’
I said, ‘Who was he?’
He said, ‘the messenger of Allah (P.B.U.H&H.P), the commander of the faithful (A.S), and all my fathers worked with their hands. It was the work of prophets, apostles, and good saints…” [Man lā yahduruhu al-Faqīh]
Work was the sign of prophets. Every prophet worked in some field.

Ref: Imam Reza.Network


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