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World billionaires published by Chinese Hu Jun magazine: US, China, Russia and India

SHAFAQNA- On Tuesday the Chinese Hu Jun magazine published its rating of dollar billionaires counting 2089 richest people of the world. Dominant positions are occupied by the US and China having taken 537 and 430 places correspondingly.

For the first time over recent years India occupies the third place, leaving Russia behind. The rating has missed 10 Russian billionaires at once.

The authors concluded that China is still strengthening its positions in the global economy. In the Chinese part of the list there have emerged 72 new names. The majority of them became rich owing to a significant stock market growth in 2014. The high-tech sphere remains the leading one for capital increase.

The first place among China’s richest is occupied by Li Hejun, the 48-year-old chief executive of Hanergy Holding Group working in the sphere of clean energy. His fortune counts $16 billion. The second place is taken by Wang Jianlin, the chief executive of the development group Wanda Group. The third leader is Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba. The latter was considered the richest man in China till recently, but he has lost that position after Alibaba shares became cheaper on weak quarterly reports.


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