Zarif: Iran welcomes any initiative to assist Iraqi, Syrian people

SHAFAQNA- New York, Sept 22 – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said here Sunday in a meeting with Head of Red Cross Wounded and Missing People Committee Peter Moore that Iran welcomes any initiative to assist the Iraqi and Syrian people in need.


According to IRNA , Zarif in the meeting referred to the raised worries about the expansion of the criminal acts committed by the terrorists in the region, announcing Iran’s readiness for increased cooperation with the International Red Cross Society (ICRC) aimed at assisting the Iraqi and Syrian nations.


He said that strengthening the bilateral and trilateral cooperation among the Iranian officials, the ICRC and the Iraqi or Syrian concerned officials is necessary under the prevailing conditions.


Peter Moore, too, in the meeting after elaborating on assisting the Iraqi people, especially in areas that are still under the occupation of the terrorist groups, or where they still have some influence, expressed interest in increased meetings, consultations,and assistance of the Iranian officials, aimed at seeking better ways for assisting the Iraqi people more effectively.


He meanwhile confirmed the close cooperation of the Syrian officials which has noticeably improved the ICRC’s relief and rescue operations there and expressed hope that relaying on the assistance and contributions of Iran, such operations would still be offered at vaster dimensions.


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