1 On 1: Why You Should Still Get a Flu Shot

SHAFAQNA – 1 On 1: Why You Should Still Get a Flu Shot

What’s causing this year to be so bad?

Every flu season is different, and flu strains vary each year. The dominant flu strain – Influenza A or (H3N2) – is being seen in about 90 percent of patients with the flu this year. The CDC has found this year’s flu vaccine to be well matched for about half the cases of Influenza A. Unfortunately, for the other half it’s less effective, and that’s contributing to the widespread activity.

If you haven’t received a flu shot, should you still get one?

Yes, it’s still very important. The flu vaccine continues to be the single most effective way to protect against the flu. And given the widespread flu activity; it’s more important than ever to have yourself and family members vaccinated. It still offers protection and, even if you get the flu, it may help lessen the severity of your illness. We continue to have a full supply of flu vaccine at MinuteClinic.

How do you tell the difference between the flu and a common cold.

A cold comes on slowly, but the flu will hit you very quickly. Symptoms will include muscle aches and a high temperature – rarely do you get those symptoms with colds.

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