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100 days for Sheikh al-Nimr

SHAFAQNA – This March rights activists and supporters have come out in drove to support Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr’s legacy, standing a barrage to the radicalism and theocratic absolutism millions have suffered from under the boot of Saudi Arabia.

As three Saudi youths stand to be beheaded, social media have carried words of support, prayers and calls for action against tyranny.

If the kingdom imagined the death of one Shia cleric would silence the world back into submission, it failed to understand the courage he inspired in millions of people. At such a time when tyranny appears all powerful and suffocating, hope has risen in Resistance.

Through his martyrdom, Sheikh al-Nimr brought together communities, faiths and nations … beyond their differences people have connected in their shared desire to see liberty shine once more.

As Imam Ali once said : “Our martyrs live forever.”


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