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Sanders advises Saudi Arabia to sit down with Iran, work out a solution

SHAFAQNAUS Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders says if become president he will tell the House of Saud that the United States is not following their lead and they have to sort out their problems with Iran.

Sanders, who was speaking with Face the Nation on CBS News on Sunday June 23, called Saudi Arabia a horrific, brutal dictatorship that kills dissidents and treats women as third class citizens. He said in addition to losing trillions of dollars the United States does not want to lose its men and women at the never-ending wars of the Middle East.

Speaking about Iran, Sanders described Trump’s decision to cancel a strike on Iranian sites as if somebody sets a fire to a basket full of paper and then put it off. He accused President Donald Trump of creating a crisis with Tehran and then stopping the attacks, adding he does not look at an attack –whether limited or vast- on another country with bombs as a simple matter, saying it is an act of warfare.

Bernie Sanders, who lost to then rival Hillary Clinton at Democratic Party primary in 2016, predicted that a possible war with Iran would be even worse than the 2003 war with Iraq with more loss of life and massive instability in the Middle East.

Sanders told Face the Nation that he would do everything to stop a war with the Islamic Republic and any attempt on the part of President Trump to wage a war is unconstitutional.

Sander however admitted that if he becomes the commander-in-chief he will seek Congress permission before engaging in any kind of military action unless it is an emergency situation or a defensive action.

Sanders said he holds Iran to some extent responsible for the current standoff, but added that Trump has been extensively antagonistic with Iran and showed it throughout his 2015-16 presidential campaign. He said Trump acts provocatively towards Tehran and instead loves Saudi Arabia. Sanders blamed National Security Advisor John Bolton as one of the people who incite Trump to go into a war with Iran.

According to the Democratic senator from the state of Vermont, resolving the issues between the US and Iran is not easy and if he becomes president he will ask Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel and other regional countries that his government will be ready to bring all of them together and provide them with economic aid.

Bernie Sanders reiterated that he plans to stop weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and Israel because the United States wants to keep away from war efforts in the Mideast.

Touching on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Sanders who is an outspoken defender of Palestinian human rights and critical of the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, made it clear that Washington should have a neutral role in the conflict between the two sides. He said the rate of unemployment in the Gaza Strip has reached 80 percent and the US must deal with Palestinian problems.

Sanders lashed out at President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner who is leading 50-billion-dollar US investment plan in Palestinian territories in a bid to strike the deal of the century, saying Kushner is only working with Israelis and not the Palestinian side.

Sanders said although he believes 100 percent in Israel’s right to exist in peace and security, it has to treat the Palestinian people and the entire region with respect if it wants to receive three-billion-dollar annual military aid from the US.

Later in his interview, Sanders said he was leading Congress efforts to get the US out of the military intervention in Yemen, saying the Saudi war in Yemen is horrific and the worst humanitarian disaster in the face of the world. According to Sanders, hundreds of thousands of people will die this year if the US government does not stop its intervention in the Arab country.

Bernie Sanders said he was sorry to see that despite the passage of the legislation in both houses on the Capitol Hill, Trump vetoed that legislation.

Source: CBS News

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