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Iran is beautiful; tourists are stunned by the Mosque of Colors+Photos

SHAFAQNA- ISNA: There are many mosques in Iran that are remarkable both historically and architecturally, but among all these mosques, the Nassir al-Mulk Mosque is one of the places that is definitely on the high list of travelers in Shiraz, especially foreign tourists.

“Nasir al-Molk” is known for its color windows, when the sun goes through the windows in the morning, it becomes colored. Color to the color. Green and blue, red and pink. These colors sweep away tourists, they sit in Harem for hours, staring at colored glasses and taking photos.

“Nasir al-Mulk” Mosque is known as the “Pink Mosque” to the Visitors, and the combination of its colors thrill them. In the morning, the Mosque’s Harem is full of tourists, recording the incoming sunlight with their cameras at the moment, and they themselves fit in the frames with different gestures.

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