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Pakistani analyst: Saudis divided Muslim Communities

SHAFAQNA- IRNA: Saudi leadership, divided the Muslim countries instead of unifying them, a Pakistani analyst says.

Muhammad Imran in his article published in ‘the Nation’ said the Saudi rulers exploit the reverence of ordinary Muslims for the holy sites to prolong their brutal rule.

“The recent OIC conference is a glaring example of Saudi’s attempts to isolate Iran in the block of Muslim countries,” viewed the expert.

“It is pertinent to mention that Saudi Arabia has failed to play a positive to end conflicts among Muslim states. It is not wrong to say that Saudi leadership, instead of unifying the Muslim countries divided them,” said the analyst.

The intellectual said Saudi Arabia did not benefit from Syrian misadventure at all. “Riyadh’s involvement in Syria benefited only Israel,” he noted.

The expert added recently, tensions have heightened between Iran and the US, Zionist regime and Saudi Arabia nexus (undeclared Troika).

The analyst was of the view that though Zionist regime wants to overthrow Iranian government it however, does not dare to attack Iran unilaterally because of expected retaliation by Iran and Hezbollah.

“Therefore, Israel is trying to instigate the US or Saudi Arabia to start the war,” Imran said viewed.

The analyst said Saudi Arabia needs to revisit its foreign policy against Iran before the situation becomes so hostile that there is no point of return for the parties in the conflict.

“Any dispute that Saudi Arabia and Iran become part of will only help Israel to work on its expansionist agenda,” he said.

He said the Iranian governments and people had always sustained the US pressure and this resilience on the part of Iran further frustrates the US.

Imran said the hawks in the US and the warmongers in Saudi Arabia and Zionist regime should remember that Iran is not easy to target at all.  “Any adventurism against Iran will inflame the whole region,” he said.

The analyst said that Iran once a major ally of the US in the region but the equation drastically changed after the Islamic Revolution and Tehran refused to toe the American line.

“A nexus of the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia is at play against Iran. Each one of these countries has their particular interests in the region for which all of them see Iran as the major obstacle,” he said.

He noted that it is Zionist regime that considers Iran as a potential threat for its expansionist agenda in the Middle East.

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