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Bahrain absolves Egyptian national of insulting Shia community

SHAFAQNAAn adviser to Bahrain’s Chamber of Commerce was acquitted at the court of appeal almost a month after a preliminary court found him guilty of insulting the Shia faith and using abusive language against the Bahraini Shia community.

The Court of Appeal absolved Yasser al-Attar who is an Egyptian national of his charges and only ordered him to pay 300 Bahraini Dinars (around 800 USD) although it had been presented with enough evidence.

The court also fined the Shia businessmen who had filed the case against Al-Attar 100 Dinars (around 250 USD) for what it called their fight fist with the economic adviser.

According to the court’s ruling Yasser al-Attar did not insult the Shia faith and his remarks even meant to hail it.

This text originally published by Bahrain Mirror and Shafaqna Farsi and translated by Shafaqna English.

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