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Razavi shrine museum of Quran and treasures in the decade of dignity hosted Ambassadors from the European countries

SHAFAQNA- AQR:  The Razavi Shrine museum of Quran and Treasures, visited by a group of ambassadors from European countries and officials from international refugee organizations. 

Thirty ambassadors from European countries and officials of international organizations related to refugees visited the Holy Quran Museum and the Astan Quds Razavi Memorial on the fifth day of the ten-day clebrations.

On sidelines of the visit, Eve Frances, the representative of United Nations high commissioner for refugees in the Islamic Republic of Iran, said that it was the second time for him to be in Mashhad and the first time to visit the holy Razavi shrine. He also stated that “although I’m here for a mission, but I am very pleased that our colleagues in the government provided the conditions for me to be in Mashhad and visit the holy shrine.”

He added that he was truly surprised to see the holy shrine and the Quranic works in the museum of Quran and treasures. He said: “keeping these ancient, precious works, such as a thousand-year- old Quran on leather, fabric and cloth, is remarkable, and it’s a highly specialized work, so I appreciate these efforts.”

The representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in the Islamic Republic of Iran added that, “I would like to be present again in this holy shrine so that I can get a better experience from this holy and luminous place. I hope another chance will be provided for me to visit this holy shrine again.”

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