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Islamic organizations react to mosque bombing threats in Germany

SHAFAQNAMuslim groups in Germany have voiced concern about rising Islamophobia and expansion of attacks against Muslim German citizens.

Germany’s Muslims express their concern amid news that two mosques in Munich, a mosque in city of Iserlohn and the central mosque of Cologne were threatened with bombing attacks in recent weeks.

Representatives of Germany’s Islamic groups have told pro-Muslim website Islamiq that far-right extremist groups’ spread of hatred against Muslims is rising by day and it has even forced many mosques to cancel their daily routine. Islamic groups also denounce the German police for failing to act against extremist rightists or boot security at mosques which has led to more anti-Muslim attacks.

Meanwhile the Central Council of Muslims in Germany in a statement praised security organizations for what it described as “rapid response to these attacks”.

It came after police in the city of Cologne evacuated a mosque under the control of Turks following receiving a threatening email. Germany’s Security Organization also started an investigation into the email, which is believed to have been sent by far-right extremists.

Coordination Council of Muslims in Germany in another statement has called on all Muslim citizens as a show of solidarity stage last week’s Friday prayers at the central Mosque of Cologne.


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