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A historian from Japan converted to Islam at Imam Ridha (AS) holy shrine

SHAFAQNA- AQR: After extensive research on Islam, a young Japanese historian has converted to Islam on the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Mohammad Taqi (AS).

The 21-year-old Japanese, who chose the name Hussein for himself, said on the sidelines of the ceremony: “We have traveled with a group of Tokyo historians to Iran since 4 months ago at an invitation from the Al-Mustafa International University.”

He added: “In order to initiate our research, we studied Farsi language in the beginning, and then we were taught Islamic lessons and architecture.”

Hussein went on to say: “On my first visit to Mashhad and Imam Reza (AS) holy shrine, I was very interested in this place and fascinated by the grandeur and architecture of this spiritual complex. At first glance, I was caught by its amazing and beautiful architecture.”

“After finishing work and returning of the group to Japan, I decided to stay in the city and study about Islam,” he stated adding “Today, when I was planning to return to my homeland, I decided to become a Muslim after consulting with the experts of the holy shrine.”

The newly converted Muslim has found Imam Reza (AS) holy shrine as “one of the most important religious and cultural sites of the Shia world”. “It is a fusion of Islamic architecture and art whose spirituality draws the mind and heart of every human being toward God.”

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