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How to discipline the soul?

SHAFAQNA – Disciplining the soul requires to act against non-ethical action which has been carried out, and to repeat it until the sweetness of that non-ethical is removed and bitter sweetness replace it. It is not appropriate to say: Well, it is past now; no, if this condition (non-ethical action) remains, the virtues in the human being even in low levels will disappear. If God forbid, the human being is involved with destroying someone else’s wealth and property, what must be done? (Must) do Infaq, pay so much Sadaqah (pay in the way of God) and put pressure on himself/herself until the fake sweetness of sin is destroyed [1].

[1] Akhlaq-e-Rabbani, Ayatollah Sheikh Mojtaba Tehrani, Vol. 1, Page 203.

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