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Senior IMN member: International double standards exacerbate Sheikh Zakzaky’s situation

SHAFQNAA member of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria says the main reason the international community and leaders of Islamic countries are silent about the plight of Shia scholar Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky is their double standards and hypocrisy.

Sheikh Yaqub Hassan Katsina has told International Quran News Agency (IQNA) that despite all pressures and difficulties, the Islamic Movement has not halted its activities and continued with its campaigns. He said the Nigeria’s government failed to eliminate IMN or ban it as a terrorist organization and could not kill Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky in jail.

Referring to the statement by Nigeria’s Christian Community that had condemned the designation of IMN as a terrorist entity, the senior scholar hailed Nigeria’s Christian community for throwing its support behind the Islamic Movement, saying Christians admit peaceful campaign and actions of the Shia and IMN followers for their turn support the Christians morally and financially.

Sheikh Yaqub Katsina added that Shias see Christians as their brothers known for their good behavior while some other Muslim sects view Christians negatively. Sheikh Yaqub slammed the government of President Muhamadu Buhari as Saudi Arabia’s client regime that acted against the Shia community and Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky on behalf of Israel, the United States of America. He further noted that Saudi Arabia, Israel and the US look at IMN as the continuation of Iran’s activities in Africa.

According to Sheikh Katsina, none of Islamic countries or organizations except the Islamic Republic of Iran condemned Abuja’s crackdown on the Shia community of Nigeria and all calls by human rights groups have fallen on deaf ears as the international community remains silent about the events in the West African country. Sheikh Yaqub Hassan Katsina projected that the Nigerian government is deliberately foot-dragging in releasing Sheikh Zakzaky from detention, adding it wants the sheikh to die in jail and then use it as a pretext to quash Zakzaky and IMN followers.

Source: International Quran News Agency

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