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Human rights group: Torture conducted under Saudi King Salman’s watch

SHAFAQNAThe European Saudi Organization for Human Rights says Saudi Arabian security apparatus is conducting systematic physical and psychological torture on prisoners under the direct watch of King Salman.

The European-based rights group has reported that the kingdom violates the rights of the prisoners especially under aged children by carrying out physical and psychological torture against them despite being a signatory to the 1997 United Nations Convention against Torture (UNCAT).

The organization describes the situation as dangerous because torture is not the work of rogue elements within the kingdom’s security apparatus but is conducted based on orders coming from the royal court. Prisoners undergo torture at the hands of the officers of the General Directorate of Public Security who are responsive only to the head of the Saudi government, King Salman bin Abdel-Aziz.

According to the ESOHR, lack of judicial oversight on the activities of the General Directorate of Security exacerbates the condition, and there are reports of prisoner death under torture. At least three detainees including Ali Jasem al-Nazghah (61) and two young men Mohammed-Razi al-Hasawi and Shawikhat were killed under torture. The ESOHR adds mentions additional reporting about permanent or temporary physical disability due to torture. Saudi detainee Munir Al Adem lost hearing of one ear and the sight of his eyes under torture. Yusuf al-Mosaleb began to stammer after electric shock was used against him, which left signs on his ribs, hands and nails.

Source: mirataljazeera

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