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Rouhani dismisses US-led coalition, argues for regional dialogue

SHAFAQNA- Emphasizing that security in the region does not warrant presence of foreign forces, President Hassan Rouhani said, the countries in the region can protect the security through unity, solidarity and dialogue.

“The countries of the region can maintain their security through unity and dialogue, and no doubt they will not benefit from US claims and actions,” Rouhani said at a cabinet meeting.

Rouhani said the US and others are after sowing the seeds of discord among regional Muslim countries and emptying their coffers, according to iran-daily.

He said regional countries have historically had and will continue to enjoy brotherly relations, stressing that any division and discord will only benefit their enemies.

“Throughout history, the countries of the region have been and will be neighbors and brothers, and their division is in favor of the enemies,” Rouhani said.

The United States has announced plans to form a coalition to supposedly protect shipping in the Strait of Hormuz from what it calls an Iranian threat following a series of mysterious attacks on oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz and the Sea of Oman.

Washington has accused Iran of having a hand in those attacks, a claim Tehran has strongly rejected.

The US has asked its allies, including Germany, Japan, France, Britain and Israel, to join the coalition.

The call has, however, not been warmly received, with Israel and Britain becoming the only parties which have said flat out that they would join the alliance.

Rouhani also scoffed at an Israeli plan to join the US-led maritime coalition, saying the regime is not even capable of securing the areas it has occupied.

The Israelis “should try providing security where they are if they are really capable of doing that,” Rouhani said.

He called Israel the main element behind terrorism, warfare, and bloodletting in the region and said, “Wherever they established a presence, they brought about bloodshed and terror.”

He added that Iran is prepared to protect the security of the region in cooperation with the Persian Gulf countries in the same way that it has done so over the past centuries, irna reported.

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