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Muslim women reportedly ‘sterilized’ in Chinese ‘re-education’ camps

SHAFAQNA- China is forcibly sterilizing women held in its vast network of “re-education” camps that house political and religious prisoners, survivors have claimed.

One woman, who was held for more than a year, has told French television she was repeatedly injected with a substance by doctors in a prison in the far-west region of Xinjiang.

“We had to stick our arms out through a small opening in the door,” Gulbahar Jalilova, a 54-year-old former detainee, told France 24.

“We soon realized that after our injections we didn’t get our periods anymore.”

Speaking to an Amnesty International conference recently, another woman, Mehrigul Tursun, 30, told a similar story of being unknowingly sterilized.

She felt “tired for about a week, lost my memories and felt depressed” after being administered a cocktail of drugs while imprisoned in 2017, she said, nypost reported.

After several months, she was released, having been diagnosed as mentally ill, and now lives in the United States. Doctors there later told her she had been sterilized.

In the past, Uighur women who were detained in camps and now live in Western nations have told of being forced to abort babies — including late in their pregnancies.

The Population Research Institute, which advocates for a ban on intrusive and inhumane population control programs, accused China of forced sterilization on a large scale.

“The current Uighur population is less than 1 percent of China’s total population,” the group said. “To restrict and control the natural growth of a population of this size in any country is to totally annihilate and genocide them.

Up to one million Uighurs, Kazakhs and other minorities have been arbitrarily detained in internment camps, according the UN and human rights groups. Researchers have claimed the facilities are being run like “wartime concentration camps” as part of a “systematic campaign of social re-engineering and cultural genocide”, independent mentioned.

The global outcry over China’s treatment of minority groups has had little effect, however. Last week it was reported that China is building even more secret camps.

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