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Russian Expert: What made Iran’s Zarif as a target for US sanctions, is his art of diplomacy

SHAFAQNA- IRNA: On Wednesday, a Russian official said that Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was sanctioned because of his art of using diplomacy, . 

“There is no doubt about diplomatic skills of Zarif, who is one of the best foreign ministers in the world, because we have seen that he was able to defend his country in the nuclear talks,” Vladimir Batyuk, head of Military-Political Studies Center of US and Canada told IRNA on Wednesday.

“Before the JCPOA, Iran was weak under the UN sanctions that had impeded Iran’s initiatives,” he added.

“What Zarif did after the US withdrawal from the nuclear agreement, made it isolated among its allies,” according to Batyuk.

Zarif was sanctioned by the US last month for “implementing the agenda of Iran’s Leader”.

“Zarif prevented the US from implementing its policies in the Middle East and the US didn’t like his initiative to forge better ties with Arab countries,” the Russian expert said.

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