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What is the ruling if Tawaf Nisa has not been performed by a pilgrim? The Grand Ayatollah Fayyaz’s answer

SHAFAQNA – The Grand Ayatollah answered a question about Tawaf Nisa.

Question: I went to Hajj a few years ago and at that time I thought Tawaf Nisa was only Wajib for the individuals who are married and it is Mostahab for singles; and therefore, I did not perform Tawaf Nisa. But now after a few years I am married and have two children, and I realized Tawaf Nisa is Wajib for all. What is my duty and for my wife and children?

The Grand Ayatollah Fayyaz: After finding out about the religious decree and until you perform Omrah Mofradah or Hajj with Qadha of Tawaf Nisa; separate from your wife and after that you can renew your Nikah. Not knowing about a decree does not cause eternal Hormat and your children are Halal.


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