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“The companions of Imam Husayn (A.S) were completely indulged in the love of their master”/ Interview with Mr. Zahir of UK Shia community

SHAFAQNA- Mr Zahir is a member of Shia community of UK.

In an interview with Shafaqna, he explains about the culture of Ashura in his community.

Shafaqna:  How well is Imam Husayn (A.S) and the event of Ashura known to your people, Muslims or non-Muslims?
Zahir : It is well known to the community per se, but unfortunately, in practice the Husseni values are not fully practiced. There is some work like, Husseni Soup Kitchen, for the homeless to promote the message to the wider public.
Shafaqna: What influence has the message of Ashura on your personal and social life?
Zahir : Every aspect of Ashura has bewildered me and taught myself how to be a human being. Ashura has had a huge impact on my determination in both my social and personal life to live up to the call of Husayn (A.S), and join the caravan of love in whatever possible way.
Shafaqna: How could the Imam Husayn (A.S) teachings and Culture of Ashura help modern-day people?
I feel that one of the core of the message of Husayn (A.S) was love. It is when the companions of the caravan of love were completely indulged in the love of the teaching of their master they were able to become a Salik on Sulook to a spiritual world, where they lost the identity of themselves and become the serving servant of their creator. Modern people have forgotten how to love because they are struggling to break the veil of self love and self therapy. Husayn (A.S) mission is one of the most powerful ways to teach people how to love the creation of Allah (SWT).
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