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Hundreds of people attend World Assembly of Religion for Peace in Germany +Photos

SHAFAQNAHundreds of delegates took part at the 10th World Assembly of Religion for Peace from 20 to 23 August 2019 in Lindau, Germany.

Over 800 senior religious leaders, youth and women of faith from 100 countries joined 100 representatives of governments, intergovernmental organizations and civil society groups to forge multi-stakeholder partnership for the common good in the southern German town of Lindau.

The Secretary General of Al-Khoei Institute in the Iraqi holy city of Najaf, Seyyed Jawad Mohammad al-Khoei, was one of the religious figures who attended the event in Lindau.

The World Assembly of Religion for Peace was held with the active support of the Federal German Government and the Bavarian State. The attendees discussed the role the religious personalities can play in peacemaking worldwide. They stressed on the importance of taking concrete actions to stop war, eliminate extreme poverty and protect the earth.

On its final day, the participants at the 10th World Assembly reiterated that women of different faiths have can take active role in the peace building process. They also agreed that faith-based communities are important partners in protecting the rights of refugees, migrants and specially children who flee war zones.

The organizers of the World Assembly of Religion for Peace say initiatives suggested in previous assemblies resulted in highly positive outcomes in the Balkans, West Africa, the Middle East, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.


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