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President Rouhani: US must return to JCPOA, a precondition to negotiations

SHAFAQNA- While French President Emmanuel Macron tries to hold talks between US and Iran, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that the United States must honor its commitments to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, a prelude to negotiations in the context of the nuclear deal.

“They need to come back to their commitments; they need to change the wrong way they have chosen and serve the security and interests of the world”, Rouhani said, adding that US needs to respect the Islamic Revolution and recognize the Islamic Republic and the Iranians’ rights.

Regarding the relations between Iran and the US, he said that there will not be any positive developments without lifting the sanctions and correct their wrong path, Irna reported.

“The key to positive developments is on the hands of the US,” he said.

President Rouhani added that if they want to enjoy more security in the region, and, as they claim to want to have better relations with the countries of the region and say that they want nothing from Iran, except not making nuclear bombs, they should know that Iran will not make a bomb – of course not on their say-so.

Rouhani said, “We want no clash with the world and are ready to cooperate with all the friendly countries. We are ready to move in the framework of our security and national interests enshrined by the International Law. That’s why we have chosen the path of empowering Iran.”

Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif paid a ‘surprise’ visit to the G7 summit at the invitation of Macron on Sunday. French President tries his best in recent days to hold talks between US and Iran. But while he optimistically believes that conditions for talks between US and Iran are suitable to put end to the mutual hostilities, the US President Donald Trump says he would talk to Iran ‘under right circumstances’ which means Iran should submit to American demands.

Speaking at a joint press conference alongside Trump on Monday as the G7 summit in Biarritz wound to a close, Macron was beaming optimistic about the chances for new negotiations.

“With President Trump, we agree that Iran must never have a nuclear weapon. Nothing is done, but the conditions for a meeting between President Rohani and President Trump, and therefore an agreement, are there, Macron tweeted, shortly after the press conference, reinforcing his statement.

In his turn, Trump said he had “good feelings” for the Iranians, and that he would like to meet “if the circumstances were right”. It soon became clear that the “right circumstances” meant that Iran would have to submit to American demands and “be a good player,” which sounds like a rephrasing of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s “behaving like a normal country” – basically, renouncing any and all regional ambitions, RT reported.

Trump also repeated his usual demands of “no nuclear weapons” (something Iran has already said –and international observers have confirmed– it is not pursuing), “no ballistic missiles” (something Iran deems a matter of national security and thus off the table), and topped it off with a generalized threat.

Washington has pursued a “maximum pressure campaign” on Iran in recent months, hoping to coerce the Islamic Republic to renegotiate aspects of its nuclear program after President Trump abrogated Washington’s end of the nuclear deal between Iran and other world powers last year. The campaign has leveraged everything from crippling economic sanctions, provocative military deployments in Iran’s backyard, as well as a constant torrent of hostile rhetoric.

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