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11 Israeli chess players to participate in int’l tournament in Saudi Arabia

SHAFAQNA – After the Saudi news website, Elaph, interviewed the Israeli Chief of Military Staff Gadi Eisenkott few days ago, KSA authorities decided to continue normalizing ties with the Zionist entity as Riyadh would host an international chess tournament in which Israeli players participate.

Eleven Israelis have applied for visas to the kingdom in order to participate in the World Chess Federation’s international speed championship. The King Salman World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships are to be held in Riyadh in December, and top Israeli chess players who are members of the Federation and are eligible to participate are applying.

As host of the international event, Saudi Arabia is obligated to grant visas to all eligible players – or face the prospect of losing the event, an eventuality that the Federation has reportedly told the Saudis would come about if they denied anyone visas.

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