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Warnings about mental health crisis in Kashmir because of Lockdown+ Video

SHAFAQNA- Press TV: More than 20 days passed since India scrapped Kashmir of its autonomous status and life is yet to streamline. Children still out of schools, colleges empty, shops closed, businesses abandoned and these seriously affected mental health in Kashmir.

Unhappy with what they call governments’ callous decision, people of the region are reluctant to start afresh. Amid tough security people prefer to stay home mostly.

However this lockdown is now taking a serious toll on the mental health of people here, with children and youth affected the most. Leading medical journal The Lancet has warned of formidable mental health crisis in Kashmir.

Press TV visited the psychiatric hospital in Kashmir for more details, however following the government order they denied speaking to media.

Although New Delhi is trying to return normalcy to the region, the situation continues to remain grim with people accusing government of faking normalcy.

According to a top source in the mental health department of Kashmir, there is a sharp rise in the number of patients visiting the outpatient department. People are mostly suffering from depression, post traumatic stress disorder; panic attacks, anxiety, Hyper-tension and anger.

Indian administered Kashmir, which is the flash point of possible war between India and Pakistan has come to limelight after India dissolved its autonomous status earlier this month. This forced Pakistan to blow the trumpet once again. Kashmir however awaits international assistance.

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