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Lawyer: Saudi Arabia seeks to execute another group of Shia citizens

SHAFAQNAA Saudi lawyer and human rights activist has revealed that the House of Saud is going to execute another bunch of Shia citizens of Qatif and Al-Ahsa regions.

Taha al-Haji in a series of tweets reported that Saudi Prosecutor General has demanded death penalty for a number of Shia men, including Ja’afar Abdel-Vahid Al Yousuf, Ahmed Abdullah al-Saba’a, Habib Yousuf al-Shuwaikhat and Ja’afar Sayf Bazroun. All of them are imprisoned and currently stand trial. Habib al-Shuwaikhat is confirmed to have lost his life in custody.

Al-Haji has called the trial process of the defendants as sham, unfair, intransparent, which facilitates unjust verdicts against them and their imminent execution.

The London-based lawyer has named Asa’ad Makki Shibr Ali, Raid Abdel-Vahid Ahmed al-Khayr, Hussein Habib Al Saeid, Muhammed Alawi al-Shakhouri, Mohammed Isa al-Labad as other people who could be handed down capital punishment.

Source: mirataljazeera

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