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New dome of Imam Hussein (AS) holy shrine built in Iran’s Kerman

SHAFAQNA- Aqr: The new dome of the holy shrine of Imam Hussein (AS), which is built in the Iranian city of Kerman, started to be transported to Karbala. The process of movement is going to take place in four stages.

The statement was made by Abdulhossein Rahimi, the deputy head of Kerman’s headquarters for reconstruction of Atabat Aliyat or the holy shrines in Iraq.

He noted that there were 36 active Mawkibs (accommodation tent) from Kerman during Arba’een ceremony last year and this year the number is going to increase to 37.

Rahimi then added that about ten Mawkibs have received license to participate in this year’s Arba’een gathering.

“The dome transport operation will continue in four stages until the end of the second lunar month of Safar and 31 vehicles are provided to accomplish this project,” he further noted.

The new dome of Imam Hussein (AS) built in Kerman, increases height of the current dome to six meters.


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